Am I hiding behind God?

We are always looking for answers, for our fears, for our desires, our wishes, and the future.

We are always looking for strength, something that will make us feel more, sometimes is money, sometimes is lucky, sometimes is our zodiac prediction, sometimes in God.

I got tired of this. And I always tried to find an explanation for everything we do. Even looking for my roots, observing my mom and dad’s behaviors, proficiencies and powers.

It never worked. I’m different, we are all different. Maybe we have some paternal traits, but we are not the same person. This is good, because we have the chance to do everything differently, but is bad because we still without answers.

Maybe this question comes so much in my head because I’m trying to justify everything I do.

I need to say to myself, girl, this is not possible. You don’t need to justify to everyone, things just need to make sense for yourself.

But when it doesn’t make sense to ourselves? What we should do?