Are you ready to be Brazilian? I'm not.


This is what I’m feeling now. It seems that nothing will get back to normal. People are getting poor. A lot of people on the streets.
It feels that is not the right moment to do anything. Everything you try will fail.

This is what looks like to live in Brazil.

Wakeup with a tweet about a young mother that died in the hospital, giving birth to her first child, then you realize that this is just the top of the iceberg. There is too much more.

How we can stay positive seeing this kind of story?

I feel their pain, and I feel the pain on my side, everyone has their scares to deal with, so we close ourselves in our shells, and we don’t share our feelings.

We are friendly, but not that deep, we share our happiness but not our loneliness and fears. Who wants to share their weaknesses? Nobody, stay away with your fragility and get back when you get something we can enjoy.

Brazilians are not ready for their realities.